Manual therapy

This umbrella term refers to treatment that may involve joint mobilisations, manipulation, soft-tissue mobilisation, massage or any other 'hands-on' treatment. It is commonly used to loosen stiff joints, release scar tissue, treat soft-tissues and as recovery from sports participation.

Kinesiology tape

A particular type of stretchy (and sometimes colourful) tape that can, with the correct application, aid lymphatic drainage following an injury or surgery, reduce pain, support joints and encourage postural awareness. 


Shockwave therapy, ultrasound, 

interferential and TENS treatment may be used to stimulate soft-tissue repair, speed up the inflammatory process and breakdown scar tissue. It is often used 

to aid the recovery of ligament or tendon injury.

Sports rehabilitation

Sports rehabilitation involves specific treatment and exercises that return the individual to their chosen sport as quickly as possible. A thorough assessment involves an understanding of the movements and forces involved in the sport. Continued monitoring of the rehabilitation process ensures that a return to sport is made at the right time and does not risk further damage.

Occupational pain

Whether you are building houses, fixing cars or sat at a desk all day, your body suffers from repetitive stressful postures, which can lead to pain. 

Physiotherapy can identify, treat and rehabilitate to maximise the speed of recovery and minimise time off work.

Exercise prescription

A key area of physiotherapy is the use of exercises specifically prescribed for your condition. There are various reasons for giving people exercises, such as to improve mobility, correct a 

poor posture or movement pattern 

which is causing pain, strengthening or stretching of particular muscle groups, or for reducing stiffness in joints.

Post-operative recovery

After surgery, many people struggle with issues such as weak muscles, poor mobility, fatigue and joint stiffness. Physiotherapy can help to alleviate these issues and aid the return to normal function as well as increase confidence in the recovery journey.

Chronic pain

A term applied to a range of different types of pain suffered over a long period of time, including fibromyalgia, rheumatic pain and back pain. Physiotherapy can help to identify the triggers of painful episodes and find coping mechanisms to deal with flare 

ups. Often acupuncture, along with 

advice and some traditional 

physiotherapy techniques can help make the symptoms more manageable.

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