Physiotherapy assessment and treatment             £45

(45 mins)                                                               

Follow-up treatment (45 mins)                               £45

1 hour treatment (as discussed with Physio)         £60

Acupuncture treatment (45 mins)                          £45

Telephone (remote) consultation                           £35

Type IIR mask (required at each visit)        £1

Additional consumables, including tape and exercise bands are available to purchase. Please ask for details.

Payment methods

Payment by card or cash is accepted.

Contactless payment up to £45 available.


No cheques please.

Important to note...

All sessions are by appointment only.

Upon arrival, please take a seat in reception.

Please make a note of any medications you are taking and be prepared to discuss your past medical history.

Please wear appropriate underwear or bring shorts as you may need to undress for your assessment.

If you are having acupuncture, it is recommended that you eat a snack up to 2 hours prior to your appointment.

Please feel free to ask questions before and during your treatment.


Payment must be made at the end of each appointment.


An invoice can be provided at the end of each treatment for your insurance company. Please check before booking whether the insurance company will reimburse the full fee.