Did you know we do home visits?

Walking Aid
  • Are you struggling to get back on your feet after orthopaedic surgery or a hospital stay?

  • Are you unsure about exercises and would like some face-to-face help?

  • Do you want to take charge of your rehabilitation and return to your normal activities?

If so, please get in touch. We can provided a face-to-face visit (with appropriate PPE), personalised home exercises, advice and reassurance.

Please note, individual circumstances will be considered to determine whether a home visit is appropriate. Please call or email to discuss your needs.

How can we help?

Some examples of the conditions seen regularly in Clinic.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your individual requirements.

Enquire about Physiotherapy

Alex has 15+ years experience as a Chartered Physiotherapist having worked in the NHS and private sectors and is happy to discuss how Physiotherapy can help you.